Beacon Maritime Solution

The present age of recession and dipping market scenarios, has put the Shipping industry in a deep trough, where ship owners are struggling to break even and recover their operating costs. Regulatory and commercial requirements are becoming increasingly stringent, rendering the Oil Majors becoming increasingly selective about owners and technical operators they choose to employ for their business!

The screening process is generally based on the outcome from various audits/inspections such as TMSA audit, SIRE inspection, PSC inspection and also depends on the frequency of incidents and their effective close outs. As a shipping business owner / manager, you need to muster through these strict screening criteria, to ensure that your vessel is employed and ready to pick up every available cargo. This is where Beacon Maritime Solution Ltd. can step in to serve as a one stop solution to all your needs, with our rich expertise in the marine field.

We are a company comprising of Marine Experts from various backgrounds, and headed by Mr. Brijesh Bassi who has over 30 years of rich & varied experience in the shipping business.

Beacon Maritime Solution Ltd. endeavours to help you to be prepared for any stringent screening criteria and avoid any outcome of poorly prepared TMSA audit or Sire or PSC inspection. Worst of the fires can be extinguished by a small effort at right time. We operate by a simple and effective motto: The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war !