Are you ready for TMSA 3?

Are you ready for subchapter M ?

As of January 2018, all ship owners and managers have submitted their self-review for the new TMSA 3. The addition of a new chapter within these guidelines, along with other changes have sparked Oil Majors to switch perspectives and approach the audits with a new outlook. Even with all the experienced safety and quality personnel, managers often find it challenging to convince the oil majors of their declared TMSA level.

Oil majors have already reviewed various Managers and have identified a long list of observations that have hampered the business relationships of various managers with the Oil Majors.


  1. Complacency
  2. Poor Preparation
  3. Failure of Self Reflection
  4. Absence of External Perspectives
  5. Overstatement of Self-Assessment
  6. Outdated Manuals and Procedures
  7. Lack of understanding on amendments and Section 13 of TMSA 3

How can you avoid being caught out?

The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war!

The age-old technique of running a drill for any anticipated scenario is your best bet to survive the TMSA3 audits smoothly and minimizing the risk of losing any major approvals/business.

Beacon Maritime is an organization that provides you with the opportunity of having your company being reviewed by an experienced Oil Major auditor, without the risk/repercussions by conducting a Mock audit. Our team leader has been a TMSA Auditor for multiple years who lead and conducted over Fifty five TMSA audits for “Shell” while working in “Safeteam” in Singapore. In addition to his time as an auditor with Shell, he is consultant to several industry leading owners and managers, providing them assistance and guidance on TMSA 3 submissions and audits.

If you have already been audited (TMSA 3) by any Oil major and preparing a response to the observations raised during the process, we provide guidance and solutions to close out the observations effectively with Oil majors.

Various companies prepare ships by carrying out pre-vetting sending superintendents or external parties on board so that ship is well presented for SIRE inspection. Why not to prepare your office for TMSA 3 by availing our services and mitigate the risk of losing/reducing business with Oil majors. A poor Sire inspection can be replaced with new Sire in few months but a poor TMSA audit require years to replace.

By July 2019 all towing companies in US must comply with Subchapter M of CFR 46. Are you ready for that.

Beacon Maritime Solution is one stop shop in assisting you in implementation of subchapter M of 46 CFR. We offer you following:


  • Identify the gaps in your present safety system and operation by auditing your office and assets.
  • Provide a solution to ensure that your company is being managed as per industry requirements.
  • A gap analysis will be carried out with reference to Subchapter M of CFR 46.
  • Manual to be revamped for implementation of Sub chapter M and making of TSMS.
  • Carry out audit of your company with reference to TSMS and identify the gaps. Prepare tugs to be presented to TPO and carry out their audit to identify gaps.
  • Close out the gaps in TSMS and present your company to TPO for external audit.
  • Close out gaps presented by TPO during the audit and present evidences to TPO so that your company has valid COI.
  • Beacon Maritime would carry out audits of your company once in 3-6 months to ensure that system is up and running and always ready for TPO audit.
  • Beacon will provide training as and when required to comply subchapter M.